speed ticket convicted

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 i was driving on 01/15/2018 and cops pulled me over and gave me a citation for driving at 100 mph in a 70 mph zone.

I appeared in the court along with my attorney on 01/26/2018 in IL state and in the court document it is mentioned that


Defendant Mr. XXX, having appeared in court, in person and by attorney Mr.XXX, and there being a plea of guilty to the offense of 'Speeding'.

THE COURT HEREBY ORDERS judgement be deferred for a period of 12 months on the following conditions.

1) Defendant shall not violate any criminal statute or ordinance of any jurisdiction.

2) Defendant shall pay of $ (xx.xx amount) 

3) At the conclusion of the defendant's period of supervision on 1/25/2019, Defendant need not appear in person in this court for hearing to determine whether defendant has successfully complied with all of the conditions of supervision. 

I have paid fine on 01/26/2018. My DL was not suspended and no points to DL. There was no record on DL also.

I was not arrested, no finger prints taken and after above incident I did not had any violations or any tickets. I have not gone back to court in Jan 2019 as it was mentioned i was not required to be present in the court as per above points mentioned in the document. 

I did not mention this incident in DS-160 as my attorney said you are not arrested or you are not convicted,

I went to India for stamping during March 2019 and got stamped successfully and no questions asked to me in POE and I came back to US in April 2019. And currently I am in US.

Currently I have police citation document, court receipts for paying fines and the above 'order of supervision' document.

1) Should I mention this 'speeding' incident in my i-140 ? (Yes/No)

2) If Yes then should I go back to go court and get any documents after my supervision is completed (final deposition etc).

Kindly let me know


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