USCIS Error in I765 Renewal Approval notice validity date.


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I applied my  Wife's EAD renewal (form i765) on 09/09/2019 (USCIS received date) which is due to expire on 02/25/2020. But on Dec 2nd, 2019  we received I797 (form i765) approval notice and today we received EAD card  with same old expiry date that is 02/25/2020.

we have submitted all the supporting documents with  EAD renewal which includes some of the below evidences.

  • my I1797 (H1B) approval notice which has validity till 04/29/2022.
  • approved Form i140
  • H4 (form i539 receipt notice) which got approved on 10/28/2019 notice date with validity till 04/29/2022.
  • Photocopy of old EAD card validity till 02/25/2020


I see its clear USICS error  , we raised expedite request on the day approval notice recived its denied today without any response saying  you did not provide any extreme emergent need. , yesterday we spoke to Level 2 officer and explained the issue he created request for  typo error and suggested us to call back once the EAD card  receives,  today we received the card and it has same  old  validity date which my old card has.

Please suggest what we need to do now , 

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