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Need advice as to what CEAC status that says "last updated on Dec 4th 2019" mean.

The timeline is as below:

Oct 21 :Finger printing

Oct 29th: Interview in Mumbai Consulate, was given 221g(due to previous DUI in 2013) and asked to email arrest record and go for medical panel.

Nov 1: Got appointment at Rele's and completed the medical test

Nov 21st: Submitted my passport via dropbox with 221g, order of dismissal letter and the letter I received from my lawyer regarding the arrest record. The sheriff declined the request for arrest record and issued us the letter that the lawyer asked us to submit to the embassy. Since the case is expunged, submitted the order of dismissal too.

Dec 5th: Saw a change on CEAC that says case last updated on Dec 3rd, only change since past two weeks.

Any recommendations on how we can reach out to the embassy in Mumbai via phone call to check the status as they only send a template response via email or automated calling.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.- Who ever with same background and planning H1-B stamping, please carry arrest records and other necessary documents even if your case is dismissed. The lawyer told to carry only expunged records but the VO ask for arrest records despite of the case being dismissed.

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