H1B Visa Denied. Wife on 8th month pregnancy. Can we file Nunc Pro Tunc on Beneficiary on medical grounds.

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Thank you respective Attorneys for your time and response. 
My situation.: My I94 expired on during August (08/06/19) and Visa got denied last week (11/22/19). I'm on H1b and wife on H4. Doctor recommended not to travel due to twin pregnancy and Critical situation related to long travel (~30hours)

Can you please clarify on the below questions. 

1)    Can we apply Nunc Pro Tunc. for the Beneficiary (H1B) based on Spouse’s medical situation. ?
2)    Can we apply H1B with Nunc pro Tunc. on regular and continue to be on employment until approval.?
3)    If H1B is not possible, is it possible to apply B1 visa for Beneficiary on medical grounds.?
4)    When will the unlawful presence starts.?  Is it from the I94 expiry date or after the Denial notice is received.?
5)    What will be the Visa status of Spouse, if NPT is filed for Spouse alone when the beneficiary is not on employment or visa denied?

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