F1 To H1B COS on October 1st


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I am on STEM OPT from Dec 3rd 2018  and my H1B got picked in April 2019 lottery and is approved in June 2019. But I lost my job in July and company filed for withdrawal on AUG 2nd 2019 and it reached USCIS on AUG 7th 2019 (well before oct 1 deadline). On October 1,2019 my COS approved to H1B and my SEVIS got completed. Now I am still waiting for USCIS  to respond to withdrawal notice for my H1B and I have couple of questions regarding  my current and future actions.

1. Can I continue working on my Unexpired STEM OPT EAD Card while I await for the response from USCIS( SEVIS data fix from H1B to F1 cannot be done until I receive that letter from USCIS)?My college said I can continue working since it is withdrawn before October 1 but they cannot generate I20 for the new employer I joined in November and had to wait for data fix to happen in SEVIS.

2. I have only one more attempt to go for H1B. What if USCIS does not respond before March 1. I will not have I 20 for the current employer I am working for.

I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing. Any advice is great appreciated in this matter.



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