H1b Transfer and Background check

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I am working with company A since last 4 years, 

I got the Offer from employer B and my h1-b Visa transfer has been approved.

I also got another offer from Employer C, while B's H1-b application was in process.

I am still employed with A and serving notice period cause, initially I supposed to join B.

Now I am willing to join Employer C  who as not started any visa processing and will not start it unless, Background check is complete(2 weeks + 6-8 weeks for visa transfer estimated by C), meanwhile I have to join employer B as my notice period will end, before C gets the transfer approval.


1. Can I start Background check with Employer C with Employer A as most recent employer ? since I am still serving notice period

2. After step 1 is complete Employer C would need my most recent pay stubs to file h1-b transfer (I think it from B) to C , At that time I may have joined employer B and I would be giving most recent pay stub from B. Would it be causing any issue or case of "Providing false/inadequate information while doing background check"?  to my understanding i am providing correct information available to me at particular time

3. Can Employer B pull me in any legal cases, since I will be leaving him in very sort duration like 6-8 weeks?

Please advice


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1. What other option do you have? You cant say Emp B as previous employer without joining him.

2. Your information should be current as per the date you fill in the details and sign the Background check authorization form. If anything changes in the future that will be treated separately.

3. Depends on what kind of agreement you have with B.

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