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Hi Guys,i 


I have total of 7 years of experience and worked for two different companies ‘A’ and ‘B’. I was with company ‘A’ for 1 Year 3 months , and with company ‘B’ for 5 years 11 months.


When I was with Company ‘B’ I worked for only one client ‘C’ and the same client offered me a full time job. I joined the client ‘C’ on Feb 2019. My Green card process is now in process and my attorney is concerned that my position with company ‘B’ for client ‘C’ will be considered the same position I currently hold. And thus , the verification of experience letters will be no good from company ‘B’. When i was with company 'B' , I almost had the same roles and responsibilities  and I got promoted thrice. i joined as a Senior software developer and then promoted to systems analyst -- senior systems analyst-- Tech lead.


How can we handle this scenario, Please guide

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