B1/B2 Tourist Visa - Renewal

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I am in the process of renewing B1/B2 visa which is expiring on Dec 21, 2019. I am given to understand that there is a possibility of interview waiver. I have a query:

Under Travel Information, there is a question " PURPOSE OF TRIP TO US". I have selected "Temporary Business Pleasure Visitor (B)". I am then asked to Specify.

The options are :

1. Business and Tourism (Temporary Visitor) - B1/B2
2. Business Conference - B1
3. Tourism / Medical Treatment B2

My existing Visa Type / Class is B1/B2. Hence, I have selected B1/B2 under the "SPECIFY OPTION" in DS-160.

I am just a little confused. Please let me know if this is fine. I understand that the Type/Class of Visa should be the same while renewing to avail of the Interview Waiver.

Many thanks!


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