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My PD Oct 24, 2006, EB2, India.

(a) Is it true that when PD is current, we need to take an INFOPASS appointment at the local USCIS office and make sure all our details are proper and accurate? (a friend just told me).

(b) What exactly happens when they announce in the bulletin that the dates moved to our date (on or beyond Oct 24, 2006 in my case)? Does it mean they will be working on my 485 application this month? Should I expect to receive a RFE or (hopefully) the card itself in a few weeks (4,6,8,10...)? What is the average time frame? Note that me and my wife applied for AOS in the Aug 2007 chaos (sounds better than fiasco?), got our fingerprints in 2008, RFE for med exams in 2009, and current case status is "Response for RFE under review".


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