DUI and H1B Stamping 2019

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Hi All,

I had a DUI and details were posted in thread. This post is to share visa stamping experience post DUI


I have come to India and went for stamping and below are the details:

New Delhi Consulate

OFC: 07 Oct

Visa Interview: 08 Oct

VO looked into the system and asked for DUI court documents and I provided the same , he entered few things in system and returned me court docs along with 221g slip which had instruction for medical. Not a single question has been asked other than court docs for DUI. Also, 221(g) says I need to collect the report and submit to VAC

09 and 10 oct ,  did the medical at Max hospital Lajpatnagar and they said it will take 4-7 days for report , I flew back to my native place.

Oct 25 , Collected the report and submitted on same day to VAC along with passport.

Oct 29 , Case status shows Admin processing.

I will post the update once i receive any.



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caec case status update date:31 oct

still admin processing

however, I have attended Interview along with my wife and VO had said to submit her passport too along with my medical report because I am primary applicant and h4 can not be issued untill my case is clear.

H4 caec case status date 01 Nov - Issued and her passport tracking shows preparing for delivery.

I am hoping my H1b would also be cleared soon. I will update the same once I get any info for my h1b.


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@NJ2020, I got the court documents before I came for the stamping. I had the original court documents (certified by the court), I got a copy of those certified by the clerk and submitted those along with a copy of the original criminal violation. I hope your case works out. Maybe you should call the court clerk and see if its possible for you to get the documents? I hope you get a resolution soon.

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