Travel to India during OPT-STEM, F1-Expired


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I am writing to ask for your advice regarding traveling to India in December.

Currently, I am under the OPT-STEM Extension (received my updated EAD/i20 as well) of the master’s program. My F1-Visa is expired in June 2019. I have a full-time job in a reputed company for the next two years. The counselor from the International Student Office at my university says that it is possible to get the F1-Visa renewed (In India) during the OPT-STEM period. I just wanted to take your advice on the process, and if it is fine to travel with my current situation.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.


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Generally there should not be an issue in getting F1 renewed with an OPT endorsed i120 and a valid EAD in hand. However there are many moving parts here. 

- Did you ever violate F1 status/OPT rules ?

- Did you do multi year CPT or OPT or day1 CPT ?

- Any criminal records ?

All of the above can create issues for you. I would suggest to get a professional review of your case done by a competent attorney.  Some officers have known to reject OPT based F1 applications because F1 is for study 😞  . Also there have been times where F1 was denied because the applicant had only a month or so left on OPT. Travel on OPT in general is not suggested because of these reasons. 



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