H4 EAD extension before H1B Transfer


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I am new to Murthy forums and I am hoping I will get a direction on my current situation.


I am currently with Employer#A on H1B valid until December 2020. I have an approved I140 with priority date of March 2012. My wife is on H4 valid until December 2020 and her current H4 EAD is valid until March 2020. I applied for H4 EAD extension in September based on my current I140, H1B and H4 approvals hoping to get H4 EAD renewed until December 2020. However I got an offer with Employer#B in October and my H1B got approved until October 2022. My last working day with Employer#A is 10/24/2019 and I am starting with employer#B effective 10/25/2019. My new employer#B also filed for H4 extension and it is currently in progress post biometrics stage. Based on this situation I have the following questions:-


1) H4 EAD processing time is currently taking 4-5.5 months. Assuming my Employer#A will revoke my H1B, what are the chances of me getting H4 EAD approval? I am assuming I might get an RFE and I will be required to submit new H1B and new H4? Also are there any chances for denial without getting an RFE?

2) Based on #1, is there anything I can do at this time for example filing a new H4 EAD extension based on the new H1B and H4 with employer#B

3) Also my wife is planning to go to India for relatives marriage and come back first week of Feb 2020. Would this impact/worsen her current situation. Do you recommend going for H4 stamping based on the Employer#B petitions?

4) What is the best we can do so we do not get a break in employment post March 2020 so she continue with her current job on H4 EAD?







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