12 month OPT and 24 month Stem Extension

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I have a few concerns regarding the 12 months opt and 24-month stem extension application. I wonder if anyone can guide on whether or not I should discuss this with an immigration attorney.

I graduated with my master's in Engineering field in Dec 2013. I initially worked with an engineering firm on 12 month OPT and 1 month of Stem Extension. Due to emergency reasons, I left the US during Stem Extension period. When I left, I did not report my departure immediately to the DSO, however, I reported after 1.5 months to my DSO about the last date of employment and departure date from the US.  My DSO informed me that my SEVIS was complete. (Not terminated)

I came to the US again after 1.5 years to do Ph.D. with a new SEVIS in Fall 2016. Now, I am about to complete my Ph.D. and will be applying to OPT in Spring 2020. On DHS website I see reporting requirements that say departure from the US must be reported by student or employer within 5 business days. 

I have reported the end of my master's program and departure to my DSO but not within 5 days. Will the past failure to report the departure within 5 days hamper my new OPT application after completion of Ph.D.  Should I discuss this with an immigration lawyer in advance?

Please suggest.


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