I-140 Tracking Number Validity...pls help


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Hello Experts,

My I-140 was approved with a consulting company in 2008. Employer is reluctant to give I-140 copy but he gave me the tracking # which is SRC088003XXXX.

I have been searching all the forums and found that

SRC- Service center

08- year 2008

800- USCIS working day in that year (how can it be 800??)

3XXXX- In all the forums that I read everyone is saying that the last 5 digits always starts with 5. But in my case it is starting with 3).

I was suspecting the validity of the tracking number. But the USCIS online case status shows the petition is approved.

My question is DO you guys see any abnormality in 800 and 3XXXX, or is it normal that some petitions to have these kinda numbers??



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Hi ,

I checked with my friend..here it is what he says...

SRC = Texas Service Center

08 = 2008 Fiscal Year

800 = In theory the working day of the fiscal year, but I can see from a quick online search that you are not the only one who has had high numbers

3XXXX = Completely normal

The fact that the case shows up in the USCIS online tracking system as an I-140 means that it is a legitimate case number and you have nothing to worry about. If you want some extra reassurance, look at the approval date. Does the date of approval on the USCIS site match roughly the time your employer advised you were approved?

Hope this helps !!


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