STEM OPT EAD Card Correction

Divya Somaskandhan

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My Post-completion (Initial) OPT expired on Sep 19, 2019. My STEM was approved on Sep 25, 2019 and when I received the card, I saw it had wrong dates : Oct 1, 2019 instead of Sep 20, 2019. My STEM i-20 recommendation was done for Oct 1, 2019 as my H1 results were picked and pending at the time of application, I was eligible for CAP GAP. My PDSO couldn't update dates for Sep 20, as SEVIS wouldn't allow her choose any dates before Oct 1, 2019. Hence, she attached a letter from university letter-pad addressing to USCIS, asking them to change dates to Sep 20, 2019,  in the event of my H1 Denial and I sent that latter along with my application packet.

I believe USCIS didn't refer that and also they didn't check my SEVIS when my initial OPT expiry changed back to Sep 19, 2019, as my H1 was denied. They printed it for Oct 1, 2019 as my STEM begin date, leaving a gap of 11 days. I've returned the card to USCIS for correction, explaining the mistake and the supporting documents (copy of my DS's letter to change dates that was sent along with initial packet), copy of my approval notice, copy of my i-20 and other supporting documents.

It's been a week and I've not heard back from them, not even an update. How do I verify if everything is alright? Will there be an issue here, will they have to re-approve my case? I'm worried about what's going to happen. Please advise.


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