Extension Approved but Amendment Denied after 2 day

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My Amendment filed on Aug2018 for location A, got amendment RFE and responded in Jun 2019 from location A.

my extension filed on Jun 2019 from location A as my Visa was getting expired on Aug 2019

All above cases were in regular process for location A. Due to my India visit plan I decided to upgrade both in premium so I upgraded both cases in premium on Sep25 2019

I got my extension approved on Oct 1, 2019 for next 1 year(notice received). And then after 2 days my Amendment got denied.


please suggest whether

1. I am eligible to continue work on my extension approval basis?

2. do I need to leave the country Because of Amendment denial but extension approved before 2 days?

3. If Point 2 answer is Yes then can my employer reapply my extension or amendment immediately?

4. I have my Perm approved, Can My employer apply my i140 while I am out of USA?


thanks in advance for all your advices.



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