H1 B Transfer With I94 Expired


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Please need urgent Help

My H1 with Company A was valid till July 12th 2019, Company A has filed Extension on June 18th 2019. 

I got an offer from Company B and they are okay to start H1B Transfer. I am little worried about when I think below questions

1) Can Company B start H1 Transfer while H1B extension is pending ? and I 94 expired few months back

2) What will be the issues in the transfer with Company B
    a) Will I get I 94 in this case 
    b) Will I have to go out of country and come back to show the continuity ? 
    c) Will there be any chances for denial?
3) Will this H1 transfer effect the on going H1 Extension ? and may lead to RFE's please suggest

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Thanks User099..

I have few more questions .

1) Will my pending extension from employer A have any affect on my H1B transfer?

2) Even if transfer for employer B is filed under PP, will it be on hold from USCIS until my extension is approved for employer A?

3) If I get any RFE on my H1B transfer, will my employer A be notified?  This is very important for me to plan ahead .

4) Is automatic re validation eligible for Indian nationals. ? 

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1. Mostly No.

2. No, they are 2 seperate cases.

3. No, Employer A will not get notified about your transfer case to Employer B

4. Yes.

All of this just an help from what information you have provided. But an attorney will be the best to help you after looking at all the aspects of your case and give you best possible steps. 

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