H1B Transfer Concerns [Got less time than Current one]

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Hi Team,

I would need your suggestion on below...Any help would be really appreciated!!

I have approved H1B petition till Oct 2020, and i recently got an offer from "X" company who applied my H1B transfer, unfortunately it ended up for 4 months approval [Till Feb 14, 2020]... i got a doubt on the project Duration and the SOW... SO i have decided not to go with this offer.

Now my question is,

1. Since I-94 number are same between my current H1B and the X Company H1B ... Will this create any issues..? 

I mean, My Current Company I-94 expiration is Oct, 31st 2020. Whereas X Company => Feb 20, 2020... As i know, since i am reject the offer, My I-94 will remains Oct 31st 2020. Note: My Online I-94 is expired... i am talking about the extension I-94.

2. I have received a Bio-metrics appointment for my spouse and daughter, Do we need to appear/attend? 

3. Also, My spouse applied for the H4-EAD... will this creates any issues?


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