Can H1B & H4 transfer be initiated while outside the country?

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Me (on H1b) and my wife (on H4) are traveling to India in October. We have visa stamping due and are eligible for drop-box with the I-797 valid until March 2020 from Employer A. After stamping is completed, can I ask Employer B to initiate the H1B & H4 transfer while I’m still in India? I plan to give notice period to Employer A after I come back to US. Employer B wants me to start early and may not wait for me to return and then start the transfer. Any help is appreciated.

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Technically yes, Employer B can file for your H1 while you are in India. But the issue is that you dont have a valid I-94, which means they might have to file under Counselor processing. If approved you might have to leave the country and comeback again to get a valid I94.

Talk to Employer B's attorney and see what they suggest.

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I find it troublesome and it may be considered as borderline fraud. Think it this way : You applied for a visa to work for employer A where your intentions were not to work for A but to work for B.

imo, best way is to get B file a petition on your behalf in premium, use that petition to apply for a visa and come back.

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