221g Green Issued for h1 b renewal - arrest record

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to start this and collaborate with people who are probably in the same boat. I really like this Murthy Forum platform where you have an opportunity to share your experience. Unfortunately, me and my friend got into trouble and was arrested for "obstructing a peace officer" which is a petty municipal offense  right before my travel to India (after filling DS 160 for H1B renewal - so DS 160 had no record of that when I submitted). My friends charge was dropped and I am assuming mine will be dropped ( My court date has been pushed since I had to come to India and my lawyer is representing or moving the court date for me to be back to states).  Long story short - when VO during interview asked any arrest record - ( I have no idea if they knew or they didnt beforehand" ) - I said Yes (thats the right thing to do) - he did not entertain anything else - and asked me to submit - 221 Green Slip with court documents and other relevant documentation. 

Time Line :

9th September - Drop Box - No use as passport was returned on (14th Sep -221g - to appear for fingerprint and interview)

16 th September Went to interview @ ND US consulate ( Issues Green Slip) to submit documents vis email. 

17th September - Submitted ticket , police report and lawyer letter (drafted to explain the case)

26th September - writing this post but CEAC status is AP and update date on that is "16th" 

I will keep updating this as I get updated. If you guys are reading - have same experience - please leave comments. 

 FYI - I have been in US for last 13 years and this is first time stuff happened - and now I am paying back :) 

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