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I got an RFE afor H1-B application and on August 20 and I must send the response by October 20. My project with Client A has ended on May and I am looking for next project ( contract). Also, I am on my Day 1 CPT. So, finally my query was 15 pages long., with queries like maintenance of status, specialty occupation, availability, and about Client A particulars.

Can I wait till I get some project with new employer : Client B and can I send particulars of Client B or that still doesn't work?


Can anyone tell me is there any chance of approval ?

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The H1 is gone. The project needs to exist until the H1 starts, otherwise the H1 is invalid.

Also, your CPT is illegal. You apparently have used OPT, which means you can not use CPT on the same educational level. You only have 1 year of PT, not 1 year of OPT and more CPT. USCIS is cracking down on such CPT abuse. In essence, you killed your future in the US with the CPT abuse.

CPT from day 1 is fraud. Plain and simple.

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