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I’m currently working for employer A. I have signed an offer with employer B who has filed for H-1B visa transfer petition in premium. Yesterday, I got another offer from employer C. I like employer C better than employer B.  Company B already got the approval recently but I am still working for Company A.
Company C is now applying for H1B transfer. 

With that being said:

- Should company C know about Companay B approval and should I give them(C) the approval letter even though I didn't join B?
- I plan on joining B in 2 weeks and work until I get approved for C, Would petition of employer C face any issues if I join B ?  I am asking this because C will apply petition for A to C with B not being in picture.

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1. If you have the Company B approval handy, you can give it to the attorney for Company C. Only thing I can think of is if you dont have a paycheck from Company B, attorney might want to use Company A's approval to prove your current Legal status. 

2. You are officially approved to work for Company B, so I dont see any issues if you switch. 

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