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I have a valid H1B visa till Feb-2020. Recently I changed my project (within the same company) and moved to a new client location. A relocation amendment was filed and I received an approved I797-A with a new expiry dates of 23-Dec-2020. I am already working at the new location.  

Old I797-A is valid till 23-Feb-2020.

New I797-A is valid till 23-Dec-2020 (Amendment).
I-94 is valid till 02-Jan-2021.

Can someone please clarify till what date can I legally stay in the US and if relocation amendment validity supersedes the earlier petition?

The reason I am asking this is my organization wants me to raise an extension request immediately but I have an understanding that I can stay till 23-Dec-2020 and can file extension next year (6 months prior).

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