Missing date stamp on passport/I94 entry


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My Mother came on visitor visa at Newark aiport 2 month ago and filled out all the details at the Immigration Kiosk, did finger print and handed the form to officer. After exiting, she noticed her passport is missing date stamp of entry into US. We have been trying to retrieve I94 online but it shows her last visit from 2016.

On contrary, my Father traveled with her but has a date stamp and I94 record online.

I called local CBP  office and they asked to come in person. Below are my Questions:

1) Is missing date stamp an issue here?

2) Would this be a red flag as we are planning to file Green Card for both parents in near future.

3) Is there a risk for detention if we walk in to local CBP office

Appreciate your expert advise and/or any similar experience.




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1. I-94 online form is not an official document. USCIS knows that and mention it on their website. Not having actual stamp or faint stamp is not a big issue. Nobody checks it afterwards. Just make sure that you know the exact expiry date. If you have I-94 number, you can find that date.

2. I don't think so. Make sure you document all entries and exit dates correctly.

3. Not at all.

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