H1 Revoked - Can I transfer it to a new employer?

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I have my H1B visa valid till May 2020. I was working for my company 'X' who sent me to onsite and I was there in US for few months. While in US, I resigned and came back to India jobless. Now I got a job in Company 'Y' and I working in India.

I have requested my current company to transfer my visa to their name and send me to their USA branch office. They are thinking about it.

Meanwhile, when I check my case status today in USCIS, its showing as "We revoked the approval of your case". I guess that my previous employer 'X' has taken his hand off my H1B. Now my question is;

1. What should my current employer do to send me to onsite?

2. Can my current employer transfer this revoked H1B? Or do they have to file a new petition? Is there any risk in new petition?

Attached some of case related documents, for your reference.


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