H1B 7th year extension

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My H1B started from Oct 1st 2013, changed company A to B on Nov 2017. At the time of change my i140 was under processing with company A for more than year. Using receipt number on i140 company B filed H1B transfer and got approval until Oct 20 2020. In May 2018 I received denial of my i140 with Company A. Company B started filing GC processing in Nov 2018. My current status of GC is labor perm has been filed. My H1b ends on 30 September 2019 as per 6 year rule. If recaptured vacation days then H1B ends on 5th Jan 2020. I  have one question.

Q1: What is exact date of work authorization to be ended?

Should it be 30th September 2019 or 5th January 2020 or I797 date (20th October 2020)?


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