H1B Visa: worked remotely in India, how to run the payroll..?

Vishwa P

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Hi All,

I came to India on end of Dec'18 on vacation. I could not go back due to some personal works.

My client agreed me to keep continue the work as per offshore billing. But my employer opened the company in India on July'19, now the question is how can I take the pay legally from my employer for the 5 months(Jan'19-June'19). 

In india he could not go back and run the payroll for previous months as the company was not opened during the period (Jan'19-June'19). 

Does it okay...? if my employer runs the payroll in US during the period (Jan'19-June'19). If he runs the payroll in US, can I do tax filling in US during the period (Jan'19-June'19).




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