Marriage basedi-485/i-130/H1-B Rfe


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Hello All,


My situation is My AOS is filed & marriage based i-485/i-130(GC) is in process, waiting for GC interview to be scheduled and also my employer will be replying to my H1 RFE by Oct 2019.

Question : What are the doc's required to come back to u.s in case if i have to travel out of u.s for an emergency. Due to i-485/i-130(GC) is in process & h1 has got rfe am not sure what doc's i need to have to show at port of entry to come back.


Thanks in advance

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On 9/13/2019 at 4:48 PM, JoeF said:

You would need AP if you travel abroad without an H1. Getting EAD and AP is always a good idea, since they make you independent of any H1 issues.

Is there anywhere procedure listed in USCIS website to apply for AP and EAD ? So that i can apply on my own avoid lawyer expenses. I submitted all my applications (i130, 485) on my own.

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