H4 EAD card returned to USCIS


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Hello All,

We are in a very frustrating situation and need your inputs. In Aug,2018, I applied for COS from F1 to H4 and H4 EAD together as my F1 was expiring in Feb,2019. Considering the long processing time for COS from F1 to H4, I went back to India in Feb 2019 and got H4 stamping done which is valid till 2021. After coming back from India, I applied again for H4 EAD in March,2019 assuming that since I travelled outside US, F1 to H4 will be denied the previously applied H4 EAD in Aug 2018 will also be denied. Now, on 12th August, the H4 EAD petition applied last year in Aug got approved till 2021 but card was shipped to our old address and was returned back to USCIS. We have been calling them multiple time but they said the timeline for them to resend the card is 100 to 150 days. 

We already have one more H4 EAD application filed with USCIS ( the one we filed in March 2019) which is in pending status and is outside of normal processing time. Since USCIS is taking 100-150 days for previosuly approved H4 EAD card to resend , should we call them and ask them to process the second H4 EAD (which has correct address on it)? Below is the explanation of timelines - 

Aug 2018 - Applied for COS from F1 to H4 and H4 EAD

Feb 2019 - Went to India and got H4 Stamping. Valid till 2021.

March 2019 - Applied for second H4 EAD.

Aug 2019 - COS application got denied since i am already on H4 but H4 EAD ( filed in Aug 2018) got approved.

Aug 2019 - Card was returned back to USCIS since card was dispatched to old address and USPS does not forward card mails from USCIS. Second H4 EAD application still showing "Card was received" status.

USCIS needs 100  - 150 days to resend the card.

Please let us know how can we expedite the request to USCIS to resend the card? or should we ask USCIS to process the second H4 EAD application which has correct address on it.




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