Suggestion: I 140 approved under EB3, can I apply in EB1.


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I have an I 140 approved under EB3 category. However, I am thinking to apply under EB1 self petition, since I have some accomplishments. My question is: if my I 140 under EB1 is not approved, will my previous I 140 under EB 3 gets cancelled? Does the company needs to refile an I 140 again? Start a new application?

Thank you in advance.

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So when I apply under EB1, will the authority question or take the EB3 approved I 140 into consideration. Will they say that how EB1 job is different than EB3? and therefore will reject the EB1 application based on the EB3 approved I 140. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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