H1B approved trying to withdraw so as to stay in F1

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I am on STEM OPT right now which is good till 2021. I had my H1 approved on Jun 6th 2019 and I lost the H1 approved project on Jun 20th. I was unemployed for two months and now I am with a new employer. My first employer had delayed the process of h1B withdrawal and just sent it at last week of august.

I am worried now as on Oct 1st my h1 would kick in and I would lose my f1 status. I would like to continue in my F1 status.

is there anyway I can make sure I stay in F1 , as USCIS will take more than 60 days to update my h1 withdrawal.

Is there anyway I can expedite my H1 withdrawal case ? 

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Thankyou for the reply,

I could show DSO the withdrawal letter copy as proof and nothing else as they wouldn't give any receipt number for a withdrawal.

According to DSO they can give back my F1 status only after USCIS updates my case as h1 revoked, and this can take lets say more than 60days.

Now on OCT 1st when my H1 kicks in how long can I stay in USA and can I stay employed ?

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