H1B extension after I140 approval

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Hi Team,

My H1B max out date was May18,2019. I left USA on May11,2019 when my perm was under process. Currently my I140 is approved (on 21st Aug, 2019). However I had to visit USA on H4 due to some personal reasons in July 2019. I have the below query now:

1) During my H1 extension if I am outside of USA, will it be still a H4 to H1 transfer? 

2) Also I have 7 days left on my previous H1, if I go to USA and apply H1 extension within these 7 days, can I stay on the receipt until it is approved and still be able to work?

3) If the above situation is not possible then once my H1 extension is applied will I have to wait until it is approved to start working in USA?

It would be really helpful if I can get responses to the above queries. Thanks a lot!



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