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I applied my H1B  under the 2020 quota and received an RFE on Full course of study- CPT, OPT and multiple years of practical training. After submitting the RFE with all the appropriate documents on Aug 12 I received approval on Aug  20 (Premium processing) and my attorney received an email that start date: 10/01/2019 and end date: 10/02/2019. Haven't got receipt notice in the mail yet.

I have submitted my client letter with end date 12/2021. I don't understand the reason for approving 1 day of H1b.  Is there a possibility that it might be a typographical error? Is Anyone aware of this kind of scenario? Please suggest my options on this

My attorney suggested requesting a service ticket on validity dates but I am not sure if that helps. I have never seen cases where service requests are opened to correct/revise validity dates usually that's for name changes etc.

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Heard lot of cases on giving a short duration on H1B approval dates. USCIS is trying to squeeze dates as much as they can. Even though you submitted client letter with end date 12/21 but they try to find lesser dates from your SOW/contract from the documents that you submitted. These days there is no guarantee that you can expect an extension based on client letter dates. They go thru each and every document that you submit and try to give hard times for applicants by giving less short approval. Please go thru the legal opinion what can be done. 

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