H1B Transfer while waiting for the approval and on OPT

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This forum is amazing. I have some H1B and OPT related queries, kindly help me with it-


My h1B has been filed by Company A with a client letter from Company B. H1-B was filed under premium processing.H1-B has been picked up in the lottery and got an RFE with the due date to respond by 2nd sept. My project with Comp. B is getting over by  30th Sept, (I am trying to get an extension for 1 more month - October), since H1B is going to get effective from 1st October if it gets approved. Now my Comp. A is saying, it will let me go off their payroll from 14th October as they do not foresee any projects for me. They will give me 2 paystubs for October month. Comp. A is planning to respond to my RFE by last week of Aug (may be by 28th Aug).

Additionally, on the other hand, I was on initial OPT which got expired on 14th August and I applied for OPT Stem extension in May,2019 and still waiting for it to receive. I just have the extension receipt.

Because of the layoff in the future, I started looking out for a job and landed one with a Company C - (Client – Facebook). They are asking me to join them by 9th Sept.

Note: I am hoping to receive my OPT Stem Extension EAD card or H1B result atleast by 2nd week of Sept.

Queries: Which one would be the safest bet -

1. Can I join Company C by Sept 9th , inform my school about this change while OPT stem extension is in progress. My school would in-turn inform USCIS and update the Sevis while the extension is in process. Any chances of getting denial?

Post that, if I hear about my H1-B result by 2nd week and if it gets approved, then from 1st October, Can Company C start the H1-B transfer ?

Or do I need to be with Comp. A payroll until 1st October in order to have paystub to receive for October period? I know paystub from the Comp A is important but not sure if it also has to be for the October period as well.

2. Do not join Comp. C and let go this opportunity. Wait for H1-B result and if it is approved, be with Comp. A until 14th October, keep looking for a job and someone who can transfer my H1-B. This will be little risky as market will be down because of the Q4. Also , nothing guarantees that I will definitely have the job.

Here I am unable  to assess which one is riskier or safer. Kindly help me with best of the suggestions you have.

Thank you so much in advance !




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