H1B Regular Processing - California - *** May only ***


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Originally posted by immigrant_rookie:

Originally posted by Indian999:

Date application was mailed to USCIS: don't know

Date received receipt from USCIS: May 10, 2011

Status: Approved on June 28, 2011 for 3 years.

Any additional information: CA- Regular, non-IT field, full-time permanent position.

"Congrats! immigrant_rookie". Is it a new H1B or an extension?

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Hello Everyone,

I am in the same boat. My case was filed @ CSC on April 28, 2011. I work full time for my employer. Non-IT. Received RFE on July 5, 2011 replied to RFE on July 28, 2011. I had a big laundry list on my RFE. Asked for documents not at all related to my work. My current status is "Request for Evidence Response Review". Its been over month this status has NOT changed. Its very frustating

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