Change of Status from F2 to F1 after F1 VISA refused in India

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I already had F2 visa and my husband is on F1 VISA. I  got admission into a decent university for Fall 2019. I went to India for F1 Visa but VISA got rejected 2 times. VO did not mention anything about the status of my F2 Visa and did not stamp anything on my current VISA. Is my F2 Visa still valid? how to check the validity of the VISA online? 

I got 214b for all the interviews even though I prepared and presented very well. The shocking thing for me is that I applied VISA for the second time because I received a graduate assistantship with 50% tuition fee waiver and scholarship but still, my F1 VISA got rejected. The VO officer did not give any reason. 

I felt the reason may be that my F2 VISA is expiring next May. However, my F1 sponsor is doing a Ph.D.  from a good university and he is going to extend his I20 next May. If I come to the US and apply for a change of status, what is the probability of approval?  If COS is denied, is there any chance of canceling my current F2 visa?








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