I140 Approval for a Salary difference of 30K from proferred wages


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Not enough information.

The employer has to pay the prevailing wage for the job in the region where the job is located at the time the GC is approved. You haven't told us anything about the GC job nor the location.

And of course, on H1 you also have to get paid the prevailing wage. But it may be that your H1 job is different.


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My H1B is with same company who has filed my I140. What do you mean by GC job the I140 was filed for same job that I am doing now and the job location is NYC. My job is a direct job with the company and I do not have any Vendor client setup in between me.

I just want to know for that Salary difference what are the chances of I140 getting approved? Also in last 5 years the company has filed a I140 there is no other employee in the company on H1B and Green Card process.

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