H1B FYI2020 Receipt NOT Received

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Hello guys,

My Employer has applied H1B FYI2020. My employer told me that our cheque has been encashed by USCIS around in the month of April 2019 so hopefully, we would get any results. but today its the 5th of August we have not received any kind of documentation yet where even regular processing guys for H1B are either getting approval of RFE. My H1B center in Vermont, where even California service center H1B cases have been transferred as of now because Vermont must have less amount of workload as compared to California and my 2 other friends from California whose cases were transferred from California center to Vermont got RFE. While i haven't got any kinda receipt yet!!!!!! My employer as usual will suggest me to get it converted to premium but it will be costing me and honestly i have too tight right now to be spending behind PP. your reply is apprecited please what can be done here and what could have gone wrong

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premium processing gives result faster. if you are on opt and it is expiring, you need to convert to premium processing. if you think your employer is bluffing, the employer should have received receipt number by now. you can use it to check status. it might even take over a year for result in normal processing depending upon the center where the application was received. 

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