Prevailing Wage Determination Issues

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Hi all, 

I have filed my PWDs March 2019 but until now my application is been pending. i talk to my lawyer he is saying that the current process for the ICERT has been moved to FLAG system and all the applications for third parties are having glitches and they are currently freezed. However, i told him that this process was started on June 10th 2019 and mine was filed early March. and now he is no more replying to my emails. could you let me know what is the scenario? and how many of you are currently waiting for the PWDs and are in same case like me ? Thank you

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Hi - I am currently in Location A getting Level 2 wage. My employer request me to move my location to B through amendment. Job duties and project going to be same. Fact here is - level 2 wage of location B is lesser than of level wage of current location A. Also my actual wage is lesser than of level 2 wage of location B. Is my new LCA for location B going to reduced to level 2 wage of location B or will it remain same as that of location A since I have already lived more than 1.5 years on this wage. 

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