Employer isn't giving my H1b receipt transfer copy, How do I switch?

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I was working full time with Company A which got into investment troubles and laid off employees around January 2019 while I was on H1(valid until Sept 2021 by Company A). I found a contract job during my grace period with Employer B and my H1b transfer is currently in process. H1b transfer filed on February 22nd

My current Employer(B) isn't good with documentation and takes a huge cut from my pay check(using my helpless situation) and denies getting an H1b receipt copy and tells me it takes longer to receive it. How do I switch employer?

Can I take legal action to get the receipt copy? If I did, what if he pulls my pending h1b transfer case(recently answered RFE, which the Employer denies to share with me) from USCIS back and leaves me out of status?

Please help, Thank you


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