Short travel on valid H1B while family based I485 is pending

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I am on H1B visa that is valid till mid 2021 and am planning to continue working with my current employer on H1B. I plan to maintain my H1B status. I've never accrued any illegal presence in US. After I got my H1B visa stamped and entered on H1B this year, I applied for green card in the F2A category (my spouse is a permanent resident). I have filed I130, I485, I765 and I131, all of which are accepted (I got a receipt notice), but are pending. If I travel this year for about 2 weeks on H1B, before any of the applications are approved, will I abandon any of the applications, specifically I485 and I131? Can I refile I131 after re-entering on H1B?

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When you travel after submitting advanced parole application I-131, before you receive approval, application gets denied as you abandon terms of parole. Nothing will happen to your I-485 application. Yes, it can be refiled and will be dealt separately, as always.

Also, as you traveled after I-485 application, you need to update your travel details that you mentioned in I-485 at the time of interview.

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