Freelance training while on H1B

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Hello, I am on H1B since July'2014 and works for a reputed IT organization as Agile Coach . Off late, I was thinking about working a freelance trainer. I am aware that its little hard/almost difficult to work 2 jobs while on H1B. I was wondering if I can work remote for an Indian training Institute as Freelance trainer ? I have few friends who were asking whether I could take up some training job during weekends ? I will earn in Indian Rupees which will be deposited to my India account ? I am paying taxes both in US and India. 

Let me know your thoughts ? 

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No, that is not allowed on H1. You can NEVER work as freelancer while on H1. And where and how you are paid is irrelevant. It matters where you are located. If you are in the US in H1 status you can ONLY work for your employer. And you have to report your worldwide income on your US tax returns, anyway.

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