H1 extn approved, but not given valid dates

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My husband's h1b extension has been approved after long delay. Actual expiry of previous H1 was Jan 2019, but as extn was in processing, we stayed back. Now it got approved but validity is from Sep 2019. Should we appeal this and stay back or move back to Home country and come back when its valid?

Also what is the allowable time limit to leave the country? Our newborn daughter does not have valid Indian visa or OCI yet to travel back with us incase if we have to go. She has US passport, ssn.

Kindly please help..!!



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If your i94 has expired then you should leave ASAP. From the looks of it either USCIS did a mistake or your employer requested dates from Sept 2019 . Either way it can be risky to stay as you seem to be out of status right now. What did your employer and their attorneys suggested ?

The only way I see is to work out with your employer and their attorneys to figure out what happened and what needs to be done. Staying and waiting for Sept 2019 will not make you compliant with the immigration law.

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