H1B Reaffirmed by USCIS after 5years 7 months

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Hi Everyone, 

I hope this helps to people who are in similar situations. I will keep you posted on further update.


1-Apr-13 >

Applied for H1B in Premium Processing.


> Selected in lottery and received receipt number.


> H1B was approved till 30 Sep 2016.


> Attended interview for H1B stamping in Vancouver, Canada. VO issued 221g white and my case status updated as administrative processing.


> Consulate called me for Second round of interview and told me that my documents are being return to USCIS for review.


> Case status updated but still as administrative processing.


> USCIS update my case status as Department of state sent your case for review.We will send you the decision once review is complete.


> USCIS updated case status as 'we sent you notice of intent to revoke' and my attorney received the NOIR notice from vermont service center. In the notice uscis asked to submit supporting documents by 9 May 2018 to avoid revocation.


> Attorney sent a response to Notice of Intent to revoke to USCIS in Fedex.


> Fedex delivered package to uscis Vermont service center.


> USCIS updated case status as 'Response To USCIS Request For Evidence Was Received'.


> USCIS Reaffirmed And Mailed Back To Department Of State.



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