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I work for american company for fulltime as software developer. My h1b got picked in lottery and recently I upgraded it to Premium. I got RFE saying there is no evidence for in house employment for three years. Can I please know what documents I have to submit for this. 

We have several products and the product which I am currently working on has 60+ clients over USA and we are planning to enhance the product by rewriting, adding new features etc which takes more than 3 years of work. 

My attorney saying we can submit: 

1) any one client contract agreement, 

2) Timely releases details of our product, future releases and new feature adding details, 

such that USCIS believe that I have enough work for next three years. 

Is it valid explanation for RFE? or do we need to submit more documents. 

In past he submitted answers for RFE ( for SO of QA analyst positions ) and all of them got rejected, so I am worried about his answers. 

Is there any way we can verify his answers before submitting?!. 


This is my last time chance for H1, please help me with this. Thank you. 





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Lot of fraud consulting companies apply for H1B with fake in-house projects to acquire employees so that they can be deployed in future projects. 

Given that, you need provide sufficient documentation to prove that your product exists. which your lawyer had already asked. 

"2) Timely releases details of our product, future releases and new feature adding details, "


However, if your employer has both client projects and in-house projects it will be hard to prove to USCIS that your project is genuine. Just ensure that you provide all possible documentation describing your product and hope for the best

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