DUI travel with case rejected & no booking

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Hi All,

I got arrested last year in dec 2018 in san Francisco California for Dui. The cop arrested me & issued a citation. He never booked me i.e. fingerprinted & mug shot. Later in march 2019 my case was rejected by DA office as my bac came out around 0.05(blood test). Long story short, i don't have any pending case for dui.

Now my concern is that my L1B visa is valid till jan 2021 & need to visit india for my sister marriage & have heard about visa prudential revocation after every arrest. I have never received any mail from uscis regarding revocation or any departure date in i94

Also, i went for live-scan & my record shows nothing, may be because i was never fingerprinted.

Can somebody help me here?? Did anybody travelled to india with similar situation and came back to US without any issues?

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As long as your current visa stamp is valid you should be able to reenter the country back. If you have not received any email communication from the consulate or USCIS then you are good. 

Check the status of your petition on the USCIS site. If it still shows approved you are good. You can also call the National Visa Center call center and ask them to see if your visa stamp is valid. 

If I were you and your visa stamp was valid I would just go carefree. Issue comes during visa stamping. 


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