No Update on I 140 which got filed before 7.5 months

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My employer filed I-140 for me on Oct 30 2018 in regular mode in Nebraska.  its almost 8 months but i didnt get any update. I am sure that my employer is not hiding anything as they too want my I-140 to get approved soon. As per USCIS website it is mentioned that cases filed on or before Nov-5-2018 is processed and we can raise service request asking the reason for delay if the case is yet to be approved. All my colleagues cases which got filed 45 days after me got approved and my date of filling has crossed the SR date mentioned in USCIS website.

Is this delay normal or some thing wrong with my case. I am too tensed as it is already 8 months. Please advise what i have to do next. Will i get my I-140 approved

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