I-485 Filling and Birth Certificate Issues


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Hi All,

I am expecting my dates will be current sooner, so suddenly decided to take a close look at my documents for filing I-485.

For my husband:

The place-of-birth in my "Passport"[p-o-b:Madurai] v.s. "Birth Certificate"[p-o-b:Madras] are different!

his H1 and ALL documents are based on his passport.

For me :

The "Name" field in my "Birth Certificate" is empty!(it holds my DOB and parents name as in passport)

[They dont name the child until 30 days in India]

My H1 and ALL documents are based on my passport, Which has all the necessary information.

[My SSC,HSC, College,Work Letters have the same name]

Will this pose a problem during my 485 application? [EB2 Oct-2007,140 approved]

Is there any action that could be performed to rectify this?

Any response is appreciated, Thanks in Advance

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