H1B extension for the expired petition

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This is regarding the possibilities of making visa for the  H1B petition which is expired. 


I was an  employee of X company during the period of 02/01/2012 - 10/03/2017. That time i had got H1B petition from X ,

and i couldn't travel to US as i was committed in other  project. 


Let me share my history of H1B with X company.


  1. 2012 April Applied for H1B (cap category).
  2. 2012 April committed to other onsite project.
  3. 2012 november , H1B petiton approval  got (validity till 2015 september)
  4. 2015 december relieved from other onsite project (H1B status is expired)
  5. 2016 February H1B petition validity extension.
  6. 2016 August petition got extended till 2017 August.
  7. 2017 march switched from X company.
  8. 2019 june rejoined to X.

Till that time never traveled to US with H1B and status is expired. Still the petition is with X company even it's expired.

so i would like to know whether extension is possible with the current H1B petition (non-cap category)

under premium or normal process. Can you please check and let me know. 

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