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My GC application was applied last year. Since i was born on UAE, my priority date is current and I got my I-765 approved on April 2nd and based on my employer's attorney, my I-140 application is approved couple of weeks back. I-485 application is still pending though. My H1B extension application is also parallelly going on and it's still in "Received" status.
1. Is it possible for me to change the job now within US?
2. If yes, how will it impact my current GC application?
3. Once I-765 is completed, how long will it take for I-485 interview to get scheduled or my I-485 application response to come.

Can somebody please shed some light on this?

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1. Yes. In order to use your same I-485 application, your new job needs to be same or similar to previous job; Compare SOC codes for this. Also, once you change job, you need to file I-485J for new job.

2. At interview, you will be asked about how same/similar is your new old compared to old job with all previous applications (PERM, I-140, I-485). You are required to come up with convincing reasoning to show that.

3. As your PD is current and unlikely to retrogress because you are UAE citizen by birth, you may likely be asked for interview about 6 months after I-485 is submitted and give few more days after that to receive GC unless you get RFE or could not show similarities between jobs.

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